Simplifying Jeans

pile of jeans black and white

If you talked to me 10 years ago, I would tell you that I owned over 25 pairs of jeans. Today, I own about 5.

I’m learning to appreciate quality over quantity but it’s a never-ending battle.

Styles and trends change so quickly, that trying to follow them leaves me unfulfilled and unhappy. Instead, I’m discovering that if I wear what I like, then I can get by with so much less and still look amazing.

If I had to pick my MVP jeans, it would be my Ksubi skinny zipper jeans and AG Angelina bootcut jeans. Lately, I find bootcut jeans to be sort of boring so I might pick up a pair of AG The Belle flares.

Sure, I don’t need that many pairs of jeans, but a little variety goes a long way.

Less is more.


My Goal Dress

The other day, I stopped by the Herve Leger (er-vay le-jair) store.

Known for its body hugging bandage dresses, I had to satisfy my curiosity. Everyone tells me that this brand runs small and it definitely does, to my benefit!

I was so impressed that this dress fits so well! Two weeks into P90X, I am 85% comfortable wearing this dress but I hope after I finish P90X, I’ll be 100% comfortable in it. Plus, I need a few more months to save up some funds so I can afford this dress.

I never had a goal dress before, but looking at these photos, it pushes me to to keep going. I want my stomach pooch to be smaller with slimmer and more toned arms and legs. Then, I can rock this dress confidently and guilt-free.