Chips and Healthier Dip

chips and dip greek yogurt

I have a few “bad” habits that I haven’t been able to break.

One of them is my taste for chips or crisps.

I just love the taste and texture and I know that it’s full of fat. What also goes well with chips is dip! I usually indulge in several servings of cheese dip, guacamole, salsa, etc. Some are healthier alternatives than others but I like the fatty ones more.

Lately, I’ve been trying to more dairy in my diet, but it’s hard when you’re lactose and you refuse to take those lactose pills. Yogurt is usually ok for me, so I am slowly switching to plain yogurt, kefir, and Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is supposed to be better for you, but I can’t really take it plain.

But when I use it as chip dip, it’s actually pretty good!

When I indulge in chips, perhaps I can balance it out with some Greek yogurt in the future.


“Healthier” Fast Food Series: McDonald’s

Not everyone can spend money to buy organic foods or even fresh produce. If you can’t cook, you think you’re doomed to buy those pre-packaged “diets” or eating out. It’s not true that you absolutely cannot lose weight if you eat fast food. You just need to be smarter about your choices and the portion size. I don’t recommend that you eat fast food everyday, I’m just saying that when you do go and you want to be healthy, here’s my best suggestions.

Everyone recognizes the golden arches of McDonald’s and I’m sure you’ve heard about all the heat they’ve been taking for making America “fat” a la lawsuits and Super Size Me.

Here are some healthier options for those who cannot avoid the Micky D’s. The portion size is one serving…so unless you’re a big eater, you can double up, but keep everything in moderation!

  • Breakfast: The English Muffin or the Egg McMuffin
    • An Egg McMuffin is a great start to your day with some carbs and some protein. Add some pepper to spice it up but don’t add cheese or additional sauces as it adds calories and more importantly, sodium.
  • Sandwich: The Hamburger
    • The healthiest sandwich is the plain old hamburger. Skip the cheese, the Big Mac sauce, and the other condiments and it’s the best thing you can have at this establishment.
    • You’d think it’d be the grilled chicken, but unless you cut that sandwich in half and and take out the mayo, it’s not as great as you’d think.
  • French Fries: The Small Fries or the Kid’s Size Fries
    • You can’t be at McDonald’s and not have fries, right? Well, as long as you brush off as much salt off of it, add some pepper, and go really easy on the ketchup in a small…it’s ok. As long as you don’t mind that they’ve been fried in oil.

Read on for more food options!