Reboot P90X 2015: Day 4 Yoga

A week passed before I finished the Yoga session of P90X.

I went rock climbing and hiking with some friends during the weekend but it was hectic trying to squeeze in a workout during the week. Getting started on wedding planning kind of interrupted everything. Instead of an hour workout session, it was replaced by family and friends helping me find venues and dresses for the wedding.

The Exercises

  • Yoga

I did half of the yoga session and like always, my wrists are a bit sore from all the planks and downward dog movements. It felt really good to stretch out and do twists. It was what my body needed to relax and release all the tension that was built up from the week.

The Meals

  • Cinnamon Sugar Oatmeal
  • Pork and Leek dumplings
  • Steamed rice, sautĂ©ed tomatoes and scrambled eggs, steamed fish, and steamed bok chou

But I remember that I made this pact with myself to keep going even if I skip days. I haven’t failed yet, I have only just begun and I have to keep on going if I want to succeed. A few setbacks won’t deter me this time.


Simplify P90X: Day 2

It’s supposed to be Plyometrics day, but I somehow misplaced that DVD, along with Kenpo.

Instead, I did Yoga.

After a pretty tough workout yesterday, My arms, shoulders, and core felt tight and a little sore. Once I got started on yoga, I started to feel all the stretches, activating and relieving the pain simultaneously. That’s when I realized how important stretches are in addition to doing various exercises. When your muscles get tight, you need stretches to loosen them up and make them limber again.

Yoga was tough, but I managed a little over the half hour mark before I had to call it quits. I was straining through the plank poses, especially since I really maxed out my pushup abilities yesterday. But all the stretches from upward dog, downward dog, etc…it took away a lot of the tightness and soreness I felt. After the session, I felt a lot more limber and energized.

Another session down.

Until tomorrow, show up and work hard!

Always Yoga

It’s yoga day.

Super low lunges made my legs oh so sore, but it’s definitely worth it. I’ve never felt such sweet relief just from stretching my muscles. The soreness subsided as I went through 40 minutes of the workout. I was constantly interrupted so I wasn’t able to fully concentrate on the program but it’s at least something.

Yoga makes me practice patience as well as working out my body since I have to focus on breathing and trying to slow down my pace. I always want to rush through the exercises but the benefit of yoga is in those long pauses. The longer you’re in a position, the more your body gets used to it and adapts. I notice how my muscles move as I exit one position and settle into another. It makes me more aware of my body and I have better control over it.

Another day down.

Double Blind Yoga

I was feeling extra sprightly, so I did a double workout today. Shoulders and Arms and Yoga!

For the first session, I bumped up to 10 lbs weights for the entire program. The first week, I was using a mix of 5 lb and 10 lbs weights and now for week 3, I phased out of the 5 lb weights. Yes to getting stronger!

As for Yoga, I did the entire 90 minutes with the exception of Crane, Half Moon, and Yoga Belly 7. I was so distracted today that I wore a blindfold during the majority of the yoga session so I could concentrate on my breaths and get my mind right. It’s amazing how focused I became once the blindfold was on. I really needed Yoga today to get my head on straight. I’ve been out of sorts lately and somehow, yoga really helped me relax.

I tried a Whey protein smoothie today. It was quite tasty, but my body doesn’t really know how to react to it so I was feeling a little lethargic and queasy for part of the day. Guess I have to stick to the au naturale way of eating.

Still on Track

After what seems like forever, I finally reached Yoga X again.

This time, I finished the entire workout, wohoo!

Of course I wasn’t perfect and I had trouble with several poses, but there’s nowhere left to go but up! The last 10 minutes of the first 50 minutes were killer! The second half, Balance and Postures, was easier but I skipped Crane, stayed with Bridge and skipped Yoga Belly 7.

Hoping for a back to back session tomorrow!

Not So Flexible Anymore

Day 4 and I’m so sore, I don’t have much strength left.

I tried to do Yoga for 20 minutes and after that, I pretty much collapsed. My wrists were weak and sore, my body felt so heavy, and I couldn’t keep up. Total fail.

After all this, I thought Yoga would be my easy access point in which I would excel. I remember when I first encountered P90X at my friend’s apartment. We did Yoga X and I completed the first 45 minutes no problem before we hit pause. That was almost 2 years ago.

Now, I can barely handle 20 minutes.


Today, P90X…you beat me. But I will triumph in the end!

Where do I see myself in the future?

In terms of fitness, where do I see myself many years down the road?

I want my body to look the same despite being older, wrinklier, and probably a bit weaker. I’ve seen many Baby Boomers who are still active now that they’re retired and it gives me hope that people can be healthy, fit, and limber well into their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

When I get older like 20+ years down the road, I don’t want life to get in the way of being healthy. That’s an excuse people use to disguise the fact that they didn’t take responsibility for their own actions. We choose not to exercise and not to eat properly…we’re not the victim. I’ve heard plenty of friends say, “Oh, I just don’t have time with an 80 hour work week”…”I eat out with my co-workers, so I can’t eat healthy”…but this is the wrong mindset.

I’ve known an acquaintance who would wake up super early every morning to go to the gym before work, even while traveling, to run on the treadmill. I asked her once why she hardly ever took a break from her exercise routine (unless mandatory) and she told me that it didn’t feel right if she didn’t get that extra boost of energy in the morning. Even if she had to wake up at 4 AM to run…she’d do it. If she didn’t get her morning run, she’d do something during the day. Also, she slept early knowing that she had to wake up well before 6 AM. Nobody could budge her to “party” when she wanted to get a run in the morning. That doesn’t mean she had no social life. She planned ahead for those things. If she was going to have a late night, she would get her run during the day instead of in the morning. It was a balanced situation that worked well.

My other friend is vegetarian who absolutely does not eat meat. But she works in Texas and every lunch is catered…a dire situation right? When she first arrived, the entire spread for lunch had meat in it. She picked it out the meat and later told the person who ordered the lunches that she was vegetarian. The next day, there were vegetable side platters, cooked in bacon grease with bits of bacon in it. My friend told that person about the meat situation and together they were able to find full vegetarian meal options without having “hidden” meat products or only side options. She was the only person in the entire department that was vegetarian and yet, she stood up for her lifestyle and advocated change.

Sure, it takes courage and discipline to buck the system and take your health into your own hands. But it’s well worth it. I know I’m definitely taking charge of my health these days more than I did before. It makes more sense now that I’m older. I cannot stuff myself with several pounds of meat just to get a “deal” at the all-you-can-eat buffet. I don’t want to attempt any food challenges for the sake of a free meal or a photo on the wall. It’s not worth it. They make good stories, but it’s not something I want to pursue forever.

I want to pursue a healthy lifestyle of proper nutrition and balanced exercise. I want to be like that lady who does ballet on her own at the gym. I want to be like the solitary man who does yoga on the beach. I want to be surrounded by the Tai Chi group in the park during the early morning hours.

This is what I wish for myself in the future.

When I’m 65 or near that age, I want to be active, limber, and healthy. I know my joints may not be as good as they used to be, but I can still do things like swim, yoga, and Tai Chi. I’m sure there are many more options, but those are the ones I’d want to pursue. Also, I know that strength-training needs to be in my routine as I age because muscle retention isn’t what it used to be and it’s easier to atrophy than it is it maintain at that point. So hopefully, the future will be a bright place where I can be happy and healthy as I age and bypass many preventable diseases.